Sugru – Fix, make, mend. Awesome!

This stuff is quite frankly, miraculous. It’s a flexible compound that will stick to almost anything and form a really strong bond. After removing it from it’s pack it will begin to cure to a soft-touch silicone rubber. Whilst it’s fresh out of the pack it acts very much like modelling clay or plasticine, you simply mould and shape it into whatever form you need.

Whether you need to fix your headphones, patch up a damaged flexible cable, create a more comfortable hand grip for a tool or even patch up a hole in your old shoes – Sugru will help get the job done. It’s completely waterproof, impervious to extreme temps (from -60°C to +180°C) and even dishwasher proof. You are only really limited by your imagination as to how this stuff can help improve your daily life!

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