Relationships of the heart can be a constant puzzle. Make sure the one you love understands this sentiment by giving them one of these heart shaped jigsaw puzzles. Assuming this point goes right over their head, they’ll hopefully just see the heart and the personalised message you add to the back, and give you a […]

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What are some of the first words you learn of a new language? After the pleasantries are out of the way first of course… This 128 page book ‘How To Swear Around The World’ is packed with elaborate insults, curses and phrases that would make your mother cry (if she understands what you are saying, of course). […]

Based on the smash hit game for smart phones, these 8 inch high plush toys are created from your favourite characters. There are 4 different ones to collect – Piggy, Yellow, Blue and Red Angry Bird. Kids nowadays seem to pick up this game really well ,along with us adults, and these plush toys would make […]

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Keep your hands toasty whilst we’re being hit by these freezing temperatures. These cute mini hot water bottle styled hand warmers are the perfect thing for the job. Simply remove the pack from it’s cosy knitted cover and press on the little internal disc inside to activate the chemical reaction and produce heat. It’s reusable […]

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We think these quirky bottle openers are a lot of fun. Cracking open a stone cold fresh bottle always puts a smile on your face, but it makes it extra amusing whilst pretending you are taking down Stone Cold Steve Austin at the same time. This novelty bottle opener is available in blue, red and […]

The Smart Charger is a rechargeable power pack for your iPhone or iPod. Get up to 72 hours extra standby time, up to 9 hours talk time, or up to 23 hours extra music playback from a single full charge. Everyone has seen these before i’m sure, but this portable iPhone battery booster looks neat […]

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Make your own guitar picks out of any old bits of plastic such as old credit cards, food carton lids, ice cream tubs. Just position your junk plastic in between the guitar pick punch device and press down. Instant plectrums! At the time of posting this, amazon has it listen for 73% off! So go […]

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Now this is just cool. If you’re like me and drink lots of loose tea, rather than get a gob full of tea leaves with each sip – use a tea infuser. You chuck in your loose tea leaves and dunk it in your cup. It’s made out of silicone rather than plastic to avoid […]

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Check these classic retro campervan mugs out. With an ever so slight change on the design, the creators cleverly sidestepped the wrath of a certain vehicle manufacturer’s legal department. We all know what they are are supposed to represent though… (*Cough* Volkswagen *Cough*). Each of the mugs is individually hand painted, so that no two […]

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For those especially picky about the colour of their tea or coffee, these mugs feature a pantone-like colour chart on the inside, enabling you to brew the perfect hot beverage every time.

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This is a little knitting kit with all the bits you need to create your own mini ninja – including full instructions of course. It’s a great introduction to knitting, which we hear is what all the cool kids are doing nowadays. A great gift and it certainly beats another bloody knitted scarf from your […]

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As the nights are drawing in and the darkness is coming a lot earlier in the day, it’s even more important to be visible whilst riding your bike. Simply and easily fit this light to the spokes of your wheel and as you ride at a steady speed, it’ll seemingly blur into a solid ring […]

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Full scale models of the most popular gaming console controllers, made out of soap. These novelty soaps make excellent gifts for your gamers friends. It might even encourage them to take showers more often. Made using only the finest vegan-friendly ingredients and scented with the excitingly named ‘Energy Citrus’ fragrance.

There are tons of portable speaker systems knocking about the market nowadays, but we think this little battery (or USB) powered guitar amp style one looks pretty damn cool. A great gift for your rocker friends!

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Made with hemp seed extract, this unique energy drink would make a quirky gift for any friend ‘interested’ in herbs. These drinks won’t get the consumer stoned by any stretch of the imagination, but they might well be the perfect pick me up for a stoned consumer.

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