What are some of the first words you learn of a new language? After the pleasantries are out of the way first of course… This 128 page book ‘How To Swear Around The World’ is packed with elaborate insults, curses and phrases that would make your mother cry (if she understands what you are saying, of course). […]

We think these quirky bottle openers are a lot of fun. Cracking open a stone cold fresh bottle always puts a smile on your face, but it makes it extra amusing whilst pretending you are taking down Stone Cold Steve Austin at the same time. This novelty bottle opener is available in blue, red and […]

Full scale models of the most popular gaming console controllers, made out of soap. These novelty soaps make excellent gifts for your gamers friends. It might even encourage them to take showers more often. Made using only the finest vegan-friendly ingredients and scented with the excitingly named ‘Energy Citrus’ fragrance.

Become a fat underpant wearing warrior with this awesome inflatable sumo suit. It comes with a little battery powered fan to pump it up, so you won’t be wheezing away before the big fight. *Probably not suitable for actually wrestling in. Check out the video

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Annoy your coworkers by shooting screwed up post it note at them. For added points, write insults on them first and shoot for the head!

In: Fun Stuff

Great gift for kids or grown ups into their LEGO. With its 400ml capacity, bright colours and smiley LEGO head as the bottle cap, this item is sure to put a smile on peoples faces.

Handerpants. No need to say any more…

Great fun for the office. I have one of these and it’s pretty accurate, with decent power and most importantly – allows you reel off a 8 rounds before having to reload!