Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium, this superb little torch is extremely useful and durable. Perfect sized to keep on your keyring or in your pocket.
It’s got a dazzlingly impressive output of 13.6 lumens and an advance focus system, from spot to flood lighting.

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We think these quirky bottle openers are a lot of fun. Cracking open a stone cold fresh bottle always puts a smile on your face, but it makes it extra amusing whilst pretending you are taking down Stone Cold Steve Austin at the same time. This novelty bottle opener is available in blue, red and […]

Make your own guitar picks out of any old bits of plastic such as old credit cards, food carton lids, ice cream tubs. Just position your junk plastic in between the guitar pick punch device and press down. Instant plectrums! At the time of posting this, amazon has it listen for 73% off! So go […]

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This little rocket air blower is perfect for cleaning electronics, such as lenses, filter and cameras. It’s great for clearing the crap out of your keyboard too.

Bear Grylls is a badass. He’s also the Chief Scout for the Scout Association. Remember kids – be prepared and get this fire starter.

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