What are some of the first words you learn of a new language? After the pleasantries are out of the way first of course… This 128 page book ‘How To Swear Around The World’ is packed with elaborate insults, curses and phrases that would make your mother cry (if she understands what you are saying, of course). […]

Based on the smash hit game for smart phones, these 8 inch high plush toys are created from your favourite characters. There are 4 different ones to collect – Piggy, Yellow, Blue and Red Angry Bird. Kids nowadays seem to pick up this game really well ,along with us adults, and these plush toys would make […]

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Keep your hands toasty whilst we’re being hit by these freezing temperatures. These cute mini hot water bottle styled hand warmers are the perfect thing for the job. Simply remove the pack from it’s cosy knitted cover and press on the little internal disc inside to activate the chemical reaction and produce heat. It’s reusable […]

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