Become a fat underpant wearing warrior with this awesome inflatable sumo suit. It comes with a little battery powered fan to pump it up, so you won’t be wheezing away before the big fight. *Probably not suitable for actually wrestling in. Check out the video

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101 Exceptional Excuses for Terrible Timekeeping. Everyone has a friend who is ALWAYS late for everything. Give them this book so they can at least keep you amused with various implausible reasons for their lateness.

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Annoy your coworkers by shooting screwed up post it note at them. For added points, write insults on them first and shoot for the head!

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If you like playing with your balls, you’ll love this Waboba ball. It’s a ball specifically designed to chuck around in the pool, in the sea – anywhere there is water. It will skim and actually bounce on the surface of water! Wicked fun to take on your jollies.

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This fiery chocolate bar is something you’d not even want to give to your worst enemy. It could be amusing for a secret santa gift though. Instant Regret “hot” chocolate is not for the faint of heart… it’s not even really for fun. Strictly speaking, it’s probably not chocolate at all. Give this as a […]

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Great gift for kids or grown ups into their LEGO. With its 400ml capacity, bright colours and smiley LEGO head as the bottle cap, this item is sure to put a smile on peoples faces.

Currently on sale, bringing it just under the £10 mark, this camera lens is the perfect gift for any photographer friends.

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This silicone based pad grips all kinds of stuff. Chuck it on your dashboard and put something on it (like your phone, ipad, gps unit, notedpad, etc) and it’ll stay there. Some kind of black magic, i’m telling you.

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This little rocket air blower is perfect for cleaning electronics, such as lenses, filter and cameras. It’s great for clearing the crap out of your keyboard too.

Handerpants. No need to say any more…

Bear Grylls is a badass. He’s also the Chief Scout for the Scout Association. Remember kids – be prepared and get this fire starter.

Great fun for the office. I have one of these and it’s pretty accurate, with decent power and most importantly – allows you reel off a 8 rounds before having to reload!

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This is awesome for on the go sounds. No batteries needed, just simply clip it on the end of your iPhone and the device’s acoustic properties boost the sound.

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